Did PM Nawaz shop for a suit at an upscale Mayfair boutique?

We now know where PM Nawaz Sharif gets some of his retail fix, (or should we say, therapy?)


During his ongoing trip to London for a medical check-up, the PM appears to have been made a stop at Scabal, a bespoke tailoring and luxury fabric store located on Savile Row.
A retail assistant at the store, who goes by the name of Sander Heyns, hailed the opportunity for a photo op. While it’s unclear when exactly the photograph was taken, Heyns uploaded the picture on Instagram on Friday evening. The photo, however, was removed by Saturday afternoon.
Quite the eager beaver, the assistant is a proud promoter of Scabal and the fact of his working there on his Instagram.
Although he may have been a tad disappointed to discover that he posed next to the Prime Minister, not the President, of Pakistan, as several of his followers were quick to point out, this appears to be his biggest scoop yet – a photograph with one of Scabal’s many VVIP customers.
Scabal, located in the heart of the exclusive London area Mayfair, prides itself on being “a true representation of modern British luxury: classic, timeless and elegant,” according to the store’s website.
The store periodically tweets its illustrious history:

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